Friday, January 29, 2010

January Savings Totals $458.32!!

These are ideas that I have incorporated into my family lifestyle and activities. These ideas may not work for everyone, but this is what I am saving! (compared to the way I used to spend)

Bountiful Baskets: I assume that a family would normally pay $35 per week in produce. Using this route you will pay $16.50 for product. Monthly savings = $80.17

Grocery Shopping with a List: I assume that a family would normally pay $135 per week for groceries not planning weekly dinner menu and not shopping with a list. Monthly savings = $173.33

Craigs List: I assume that if a household gathers all their unwanted items annually they could earn $600 by posting these items on Craig’s List. Monthly earnings = $50.00

Museum Passes: I assume a family will purchase 6 entry passes to local museums in a year. By getting them free at the library Monthly savings = $5.75 I assume a household uses 1 coupon per month for a $100 meal. Discounts are 60% of half the meal. Monthly savings = $30.00

Cell phone: I assume each household has a separate plan per household and this suggestion is to combine plans with someone else. Monthly savings = $42.00

Flea Market: I assume I have to replace the battery in my Honda key every two years. By doing this at the flea market versus the dealership I save $52 per key. Monthly savings = $2.17

Sushi Happy Hour: RA Sushi offers half off during happy hour. I assume a family eats sushi once per month. Monthly Savings: $50.00

Paper Products: Eliminating the use of paper towels, paper napkins, paper coffee filters and start recycling (use less trash bags) Monthly Savings: $24.90


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