Monday, January 4, 2010

Is your junk my treasure?

have a few things NOT in your #budget that you really really want? need a way to come up with a little extra cash to get them....or to fund an unexpected bill?

time to clean out your closets and post those unwanted items on #craigslist. i made $600 last month from items i had around the house i no longer used. i mean things from flower pots that sold for $10, baby items that have been outgrown, lawn my son's nintendo DS that he no longer used. $10 here and there adds up.

be careful shelling out your address, though, it may be safer to meet at a more public location to make the exchange. only give your item about 10 days on #craigslist. if no one buys it then donate it for a possible tax writeoff. finally, do not sell to people that want to send a check or a shipper - those are scams.

~#frugal phx

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  1. If you really want to know if your junk is my treasure, host a CLOTHING EXCHANGE PARTY. Invite all your friends over for appetizers and adult beverages ($1.99 wine/spritzers from Trader Joes) and have them each bring 5 clothing items they would like to exchange. Items can include hats, purses, shoes, scarves, etc. It's a great time of socializing and you get to bring home something new to add to your closet without spending a cent. For the person who hosts the party, whatever doesn't go can be donated for a tax writeoff.
    I have been to one and I ended up with a never worn BCBG top. Cute! I still have it.