Tuesday, January 26, 2010

got sushi? save 50%

Can you go out to dinner one hour earlier than you normally would and save 50%? We did

I mentioned before here (http://bit.ly/5Rpshk) that many restaurants have happy hour and reverse happy hour. This weekend we took the family for sushi. Rather than going at 7PM we opted to go at 6PM while it was still happy hour.

My drink of choice with sushi is a cosmo. It’s classified as a martini so they usually run $10 to $13 a pop here in the valley. RA Happy hour pricing is $4, and they have many other great cocktails from which to choose. Every sushi item we ordered was half price during happy hour, and it wasn’t a limited selection.

Our weekly “eating out” budget is $50. Aside from dessert we were able to stay under our weekly budget and have a really nice sushi meal. If our meal goes over $50 we must pay that from our allowance….which will be another topic in and of itself.

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